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Threat Suppression System

Zoned Deployment

Repuls solution is manually deployed in predetermined zones, limiting affected areas within a building.

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Deployed in Bursts

Repuls solution is deployed in preset bursts such as 5, 10, or 15 seconds, allowing for multiple deployments on the same area.

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Rapid Activation

Threat Alert buttons and gunshot detection options instantaneously activate the touch panel deployment controls.

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Intuitive Touchscreen Controls

Crotega secure touch panel allows for rapid deployment of the system at your fingertip.

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Repuls Spray

Repuls™ is deployed as a water-based spray with active ingredients, not as a fog or aerosol, and does not impede egress.

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Exposure to Repuls

Repuls™ spray irritates the eyes, throat, lungs, and skin, and causes involuntary eye closure, coughing, and breathing discomfort.

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Easy Cleanup and Mitigation

Exposure is mitigated by flushing with water. Easily cleaned with water and detergent followed by air circulation.

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How The Threat Suppression System Stops Active Shooters

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