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Solution to Active Shooter Intrusion

Many methods have been implemented to prevent or stop violence of active shooters in public spaces. Some of these measures include security guards, antibullying programs, mediation, policies, physical barriers and metal detectors. Few of these have been deemed to be effective. The reality is that it takes time for law enforcement to get to the scene to address an active shooter situation. The Sentrē™ system can help keep building occupants safe from physical violence brought on by an active shooter.

Sentrē is a patented rapid-defense, nonviolent solution that can help save lives. When deployed, Sentrē significantly irritates the senses and debilitates attackers, giving In-House Responders and law enforcement time to secure the area and control the situation. The Sentrē system includes warning decals and signage to help prevent violence from an active shooter before it starts.

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Concealed Network

Concealed in the ceiling in zones within a building, Sentrē is a rapid-defense, nonviolent solution that can help save lives.

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Rapid Activation

Rapid activation can be initiated by a gunshot detection sensor or an emergency switch located within each zone.

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Controlled Deployment

Controlled deployment is done with a touch screen to release short bursts of a nontoxic spray from the ceiling onto the threat.

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A Glimpse of How The Sentrē System Stops Active Shooters

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