A Company That Deters, Disrupts, and Delays™ Active Assailants

Crotega was formed as a result of an educator’s vision. The national tragedies of Sandy Hook and other school shootings impelled Jody Allen Crowe to find a solution to active shooter situations. He brought together experts from several fields to research and develop an innovative structural change to buildings that will have a lasting impact on the interior control of buildings.

The concept of a building intruder defensive shield is a first-of-its-kind system for protecting building occupants. SentriZone™ has the potential to change building infrastructures in the same manner fire sprinklers did for fire control.

The SentriZone system dispenses REPULS®, a revolutionary water-based chemical irritant spray, to neutralize active threats. Crotega has pioneered a discreet unmanned remote vehicle, SentriLaunch™, that also deploys the spray.

Crotega has offices and research and manufacturing facilities in Minneapolis, MN.

About The Name

Crotega” combines the first three letters of founder Jody Allen Crowe’s last name with a form of the Latin verb “tegere“, meaning to cover or shield.

Company Timeline

March 2014: The first simulation of the building intruder defensive shield concept is conducted in a soon-to-be-demolished school building in Fargo, ND. Soon after, the Crotega Research Center is opened in Crystal, MN.

September 2014: The first patent is filed.

March 2016: Two years of research in product design leads to the beta placement of the first intruder defensive shield in a public school.

May 2016: A second patent is filed.

June 2016: Development begins on the proprietary touchscreen control software.

October 2016: A third patent is filed.

January 2017: The SentriZone™ system is ready for market. Its unique intuitive system software can monitor multiple zones, allowing building occupants to deploy the system by touch panel upon visual recognition of a threat.

2021: Two additional patents are filed to strengthen the intellectual property of REPULS® and the systems developed to dispense the water-based chemical irritant, protecting Crotega’s products internationally.

2022: Phoenix Police Department begins a one-year pilot using REPULS MK-3.  The results of the pilot showed a significant increase in the use of REPULS over their current pepper spray.  Officers were over 250 times more likely to use the REPULS chemical irritant compared to the pepper spray carried by the rest of the department.

July 2022: Allina Health becomes the first hospital system to use REPULS as a tool for its officers.

July 2023: Major hospital system requests quotes for SentriZone system installation in two clinics.

Sept 2023: The Arizona Supreme Court issued an Administrative Directive specifically naming REPULS as an authorized chemical irritant in the court system and probation system.

September 2023: General Dynamics requested a Response to Inquiry from Crotega for a defensive shield for entrances to embassies and consulates.

November 2023: Minneapolis Star Tribune published an article written by a Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter about the use of REPULS in hospitals, titled Pepper Spray 2.0.

Jan 2024: Phoenix Police Department officially changed their Use of Force policy to include REPULS.

March 2024: Phoenix Police Department began the transition to REPULS.

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Crotegas timeline video with Jody Crowe

Crotega Management

The company’s development team is composed of experienced professionals with extensive experience in engineering, school administration, business administration, sales, and knowledge of school shooters. All of the key team members listed below are current members of the company.

Jody Allen Crowe

Founder and CEO

Tim Nielson

National Sales

Scott Pugh

VP of Operations / Controller

Brian Mixdorf

Hospital Security Leader

Harlan Jacobs

Executive Consultant

Oliver Nichols


Lou Krupkin Profile Picture
Lou Krupkin

Director of Strategic Accounts

Mike Kleber

Director of Corporate Training