Recommended Use for Law Enforcement and Private Security Training

REPULS is made with a different chemical than pepper spray. To mitigate its effects, it should be treated differently as well.

  1. Subjects should only be exposed to REPULS until compliant. The decontamination process should begin as soon as possible. Subjects exposed to REPULS for long periods of time without mitigation could experience adverse effects.
  1. When safe to do so, flush the subject’s eyes, face, and any exposed skin with water or commercially available eyewash, and use a soft cloth to dry after flushing. Do not use milk, baby shampoo, or any other remedy associated with the mitigation of pepper spray. REPULS is a water-based solution, so it must be diluted with water and a saline eye wash to lessen and remove the irritation. Do not scrub the eyes or skin during mitigation.
  1. After the first rinse, the subject should experience near-immediate relief. If irritation persists, flush the area a second time. We recommend using a saline eye wash along with water.  The goal is to quickly dilute and wash away the solution.
  1. Irritation may persist after mitigation. If symptoms do not abate or continue to recur after repeated mitigation with water and saline eye wash, seek medical attention.

Improper mitigation tactics or an individual person’s reaction to chemicals can result in lingering adverse effects. These reactions may include chemically induced conjunctivitis (like what you might get by swimming in a heavily chlorinated pool with your eyes open) or corneal abrasions. Anyone who experiences them should seek medical attention and follow their specific treatment.

For more technical information on our chemical defense spray technology, please read through our data sheet

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