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Shooter Suppression System Introduction

A Security Solution to Prevent Violence in Buildings

Watch Deployment Test

Security Solution Overview

Our security solution is concealed in the ceiling in zones within a building. The shooter suppression system is a rapid-defense, nonviolent security solution that can help save lives. Activated via a system touchscreen, the threat suppressor releases short bursts of water with nontoxic additives from the ceiling on the source of the threat. It causes significant irritation to eyes, nose, throat, lungs and skin—virtually immobilizing the perpetrator until In-House Responders intervene or law enforcement arrives. The shooter suppression system includes warning decals and signage to help prevent violence before it starts.

  • Concealed in the ceiling in zones within a building
  • Rapidly activated via remote control or touchscreen by trained personnel
  • Short bursts of water with nontoxic additives spray from the ceiling on the source of the threat
  • Virtually immobilizes the perpetrator
  • Causes significant irritation to eyes, nose, throat, lungs and skin
  • Results in involuntary eye closure, coughing and breathing discomfort
  • Has a pungent odor and stings the skin
  • Repuls is Patent Pending
  • Shooter Suppression System is is Patented
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Deployment Test

Below is documentation of a deployment test with an 18-year-old high school volunteer at the Crotega Research Center.  The volunteer was given the task of placing items in locations and searching for a $20 bill to determine if deploying the threat suppression system would deter, disrupt, and delay the volunteer from his task.

Technical Information

Shooter Suppression System Details


Concealed in ceiling

Mounting Locations

Throughout building in lobbies, offices, hallways, common areas, classrooms, building entrances and others


System touchscreen as per design, determined by facility personnel


Repuls™ is deployed as a water-based spray with active ingredients, not as a fog or aerosol, and does not impede egress

Deployment Duration

5, 10, or 15-second bursts of Repuls™ solution, dependent on location and engineered specifications

Targeted Deployment

Facility zoned for effective targeting of threat

Exposure to Repuls™

Exposure results in irritated eyes, nose, throat, lungs and stinging skin; resulting in short-term involuntary eye closure, coughing and breathing discomfort

Mitigation of Exposure Effects

Easy mitigation of discomfort with abundant flushing of face with water and fresh air

Active Ingredients

pH of 5.6-5.8. Less relative toxicity than vinegar, Coke, Pepsi, or many other household products

Tank Sizes

Sized to meet engineered specifications

Mounting Options

Above ceiling in plenum, application dependent

Cleanup of Emergency Deployment

Easily cleaned through use of dilution with water with detergent followed by extraction and air circulation

Control Panel

Closed system with UL listed panel and components


Installed by certified authorized dealers/integrators with annual system certification requirements


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