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Shooter Suppression System User Interface

System Monitoring & Deployment

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Monitoring and Deploying the Shooter Suppression System

The shooter suppression system user interface consists of one or more POE-tethered touchscreen stations located throughout your facility in locations where trained building occupants can quickly respond to an alert. Each touchscreen is monitored by an employee. The threat suppressor touchscreen allows the trained building occupants to monitor and visually recognize the threat and deploy the system for any single zone or multiple zones. The Crotega shooter suppression system is a closed system. All control connections are hardwired to protect the system from unwanted wireless access by those who would do harm.

The touchscreen has a two-step authorization process keeping the system from accidentally being deployed, and can be controlled when a high quality secure fiber optic connection is available or able to be installed. Remote, manually operated switches, are also located within each zone. The manual switches can be activated if needed, which in turn notifies the touchscreen stations that an intruder has entered the zone. Optional gunshot detection devices alert the system without automatic deployment. The deployment of the system can only be done from the touchscreen monitoring station

The system will control single or multiple zones and is scalable to control entire facilities. Multiple facilities on the same campus can be controlled provided that high quality secure fiber optic connections are available or could be installed.

Each touchscreen station can monitor four zones simultaneously.

Standby Mode
System can be activated upon detection of a threat by touching the “Activate Deploy Mode” button.
Deploy Mode
Once a threat has been identified, the system can be deployed at the zone of the threat by touching the “Deploy” button.
Deployment Confirmation
System asks for confirmation of deployment to minimize risk of accidental deployments.
Screen displays “Deploying…” text while system is active in selected zone.