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Commercial Building Security

Implement the Shooter Suppression System in Commercial Buildings

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Shooter Suppression System in Commercial Businesses

Workplace violence and extremist terrorism is on the rise. This can take the form of political terrorism, domestic violence that plays out in the workplace, or violent actions from disgruntled employees or clients. Any place from hair salons to health clubs, offices to Planned Parenthood locations have been targeted. Each of these locations can easily retro-fit a Crotega Shooter Suppression System into their ceilings to provide the protection to employees and clients.

An increased focus is on the violence from the lone wolf terrorists. In 2016, a home-grown terrorist entered the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, Florida killed 49 and wounded 53 in a three-hour rampage. There was no safe way to enter and engage the killer during the duration. This is an example of where Crotega's Shooter Suppression System could have been deployed within seconds as the perpetrator attempted to enter the interior of the night club. The security guard at the entrance could have interdicted without getting into an unsuccessful gunfight.

The crowded travel hubs have become more heavily fortified in an age of terror attacks and mass shootings, but gaping vulnerabilities still exist, security experts say. (Wall Street Journal, 1/6/2017)

An active shooter killed five people and injured six at the Fort Lauderdale, FL airport baggage claim.   A deranged man killed one and wounded several at the Los Angeles, CA airport Terminal 3.  These are two recent terroristic attacks on the soft areas of airport terminals, the non-secure ticketing area and the baggage claim area of terminals.

Installation of the Crotega Shooter Suppression System throughout the ticketing areas and baggage claim areas would provide immediate non-violent suppression of violent individuals at a cost much less than years of 24 hour police presence in and around baggage areas and ticket counters throughout those same facilities.

Malls are increasingly becoming a target for both gun and knife violence.  Security is minimal and most guards are not prepared to confront violent killers who have big spaces and long hallways to find targets.  Adding shooter suppression to the infrastructure of malls exponentially increases the security guard’s ability to see the threat and suppress the threat without putting themselves in danger.

Convenience store murders constitute 22% of homicides in retail spaces. Many victims were the single employee in the store at the time of the murder. Crotega Shooter Suppression Systems are easily installed in ceilings, providing an invisible, quick-responding shooter suppression. Other tragedies that have occurred in commercial buildings are:

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