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Government Building Security

Implement the Shooter Suppression System in Government Buildings

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Shooter Suppression System in Government Buildings

In 2004, Richard Hendrickson, the Minnesota’s 2016 Attorney of the Year was a victim of a shooter focused on killing his client.  The shooting occurred in the Hennepin County Government Center.  Hendrickson was shot in the neck and his client was trapped in the restroom and killed.  The unarmed guard was not able to protect the client.

In 2015, a disgruntled citizen shot and wounded two police officers in the New Hope, MN City Hall.

In 2010, a Florida School Board meeting was disrupted by an angry husband of a fired employee.  For several minutes, the board was held hostage until the gunman emptied his clip.  All this occurred while the armed guard stood in the back of the room, unable to intercede because the board members were in the line of fire.

Board members confronted by unhinged violent perpetrators could simply deploy an interior shooter suppression system on the threatening person or persons, safely regaining control in seconds.

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