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Repuls Spray

Water-Based Chemical Deterrent Spray - FOR USE IN PUBLIC SAFETY

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Deterrent Spray

Confront your assailant with overwhelming non-lethal spray using our Repuls hand-held units.

Different sizes available, small enough to carry in your pocket.

  • Water-based chemical deterrent spray causes involuntary eye closure
  • Highly irritating to the eyes, nose, nasal passages, throat, lungs and skin
  • Pungent odor

Compare with OC/CS

  • Intense Irritation to eyes causing involuntary eye closure, irritation to nasal passages, throat, lungs remains while face and surrounding clothes are wet.
  • Off-gas irritation is not debilitating for those in close proximity.  Arresting officer can approach and detain without being debilitated
  • Mitigation for eye irritation will naturally occur when areas around eyes are dry or as soon as flushed with water
  • One bottle of water poured over the suspect’s head and face can mitigate the irritation within seconds
  • When the Repuls dries, the irritating agent is no longer active

What does this mean?

  • Less time, if any, in decontamination
  • Little or no need to decontaminate vehicle other than to remove smell
  • Less time decontaminating officer clothing other than to remove smell
  • Decontamination of the suspect prior to booking is minimal saving officer time
  • Clean up with water-based agent

Compare it to Pepper Spray

Compare Pepper Spray/OC to Repuls
Pepper Spray

Highly irritating to eyes, nose, throat, lungs, sking

Arresting officer can approach and detain suspect without significant impact of irritant

Water-based, mitigates in minutes with water

Irritating agent quickly dissipates

Arresting officer can transport suspect without contaminating vehicle

Arresting officer can bring suspect to booking without need of de-contamination

Patrol car used to transport suspect can be used without de-contaminating

Police Duty Belt Model

3.5 oz size
Range: 15 feet
Measures: 6-1/4" H x 1-1/2" D

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