New technologies can fill the deadly gap of time from when shootings begin to when law enforcement arrives on scene.

Repuls Chemical Irritant

MINNEAPOLIS – Crotega Security Solutions brings SentriZone™ to educational facilities as the first-ever interior assailant suppression system that stops school shooters without risking direct confrontation.

SentriZone is a patented technology concealed within the ceilings of a building, allowing security officers to maintain control of entrances, hallways, and other vulnerable areas of a school. Upon recognition of a threat, security personnel use a system touchscreen to activate SentriZone, showering the assailant with a nontoxic chemical irritant called REPULS®.

Exposure to REPULS causes involuntary closure of the eyes, significant irritation to the nose and throat and stinging to the skin, virtually immobilizing the threat until in-house responders intervene or law enforcement arrives. This system offers a rapid-defense, nonviolent security solution for schools that can help save lives.

“When I was in elementary school, I experienced the trauma of a school shooter in my hometown,” says Crotega founder Jody Allen Crowe. “Since then, I’ve watched countless communities across the nation suffer the same tragedy. As a former educator, the incident at Sandy Hook gave me serious pause. I thought about how vulnerable public spaces are to these threats. And like many of us, I wondered what could be done about it. This was the catalyst for the foundation of Crotega.”

Crotega’s mission is to be your first point of contact for less-than-lethal safety solutions for schools. Crotega’s school security solutions enhance the safety of security officers with a hands-off approach, minimizing physical altercations and reducing the risk to students and staff.

Crotega’s patented chemical irritant spray, REPULS, is a biodegradable solution that is easy to clean up, and is not an OC or tear gas, making it safe to use inside school buildings. REPULS is also offered in handheld canisters for ease of use in confined spaces such as school buses.