Made For Military Facilities

Military facilities are gun-free zones, yet have experienced tragic shootings, such as the Maryland Naval Yard and Fort Hood’s two shootings. Crotega’s security technologies REPULS®, SentriLaunch™ and SentriZone™ offer building security and surveillance officers a proactive solution for the gap of time from when an active threat enters the building to when law enforcement arrives.

REPULS handhelds are the solution for indoor security situations in military hospitals, offices, and other buildings where a chemical irritant is the level of response needed to provide safety. Crotega’s solutions enhance the safety of security officers with a hands-off approach, minimizing physical altercations, and reducing the risk for the building and staff.

Risk mitigation

Less-than-lethal, hands-off approach

Ability to protect staff, property and occupants

Ability to deter active threats prior to dispatching security personal

Enhance the building security profile

SentriZone for Military

Immobilize the Perpetrator Until Law Enforcement Arrives

REPULS is not OC or tear gas. Safe to use inside buildings, and in confined spaces such as buses.

Suite of Safety Solutions

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