Crotega Security Solutions Announces the Launch of Their New Website,

Repuls Chemical Irritant

Crotega display of new website

Crotega’s mission is to be your first point of contact for less-than-lethal safety solutions. Their new website contains a variety of resources for building and public safety professionals, including product demonstration videos, case studies, testimonials, and detailed information on Crotega’s innovative suite of security solutions.

“Crotega was founded after studying the glaring deficiencies in school security against active assailants,” says founder Jody Allen Crowe. “We hope this new website will help building owners and security personnel of all kinds, whether in law enforcement, education, government, retail, casinos, hospitals and more, to consider how they can be better prepared to confront incidences of violence.”

Website visitors can learn how Crotega’s products can augment and improve their current security posture. They can also explore videos of the security products in use, product testing and evaluations, white papers detailing their chemical makeup and compliance with building codes, and practical advice about how Crotega’s proactive solutions deliver peace of mind for building owners and occupants with a hands-off approach.

Crotega’s patented chemical irritant spray, REPULS®, is superior to traditional pepper spray for its easy clean-up and mitigation, and no blowback to the user. It is the common thread in all of Crotega’s security products: SentriZone™, a first-of-its-kind building security system designed to suppress violent actors by deploying REPULS from the ceilings in common walkways, and SentriLaunch™, a drone that deploys REPULS within a building to help fill the deadly gap of time from when an incident begins to when law enforcement arrives