Made For Marine Security

Crotega Safety Solutions provide a more safe and secure environment for the Captain, Crew, Family, and Passengers that travel the high-seas or enjoy a marine experience closer to shore. Our products DETERS, DISRUPTS, AND DELAYS™ ACTIVE ASSAILANTS AND PERPETRATORS.

Crotega’s REPULS® is a revolutionary award-winning water-based irritant spray that eliminates the health risks and cross-contamination issues of using pepper spray, OC, or tear gas. REPULS is the first and only chemical irritant that can be used indoors as it is target-specific and does not contaminate air-handling systems.  REPULS is the future of Marine Irritant Spray Security!

Empower Your Crew with Crotega’s Marine Safety Products and enhance the passengers on board with a hands-off defense that minimizes any physical altercations.

  • *Less-Than-Lethal – Hands-Off Approach
  • *Deter On-Board Theft and Vandalism
  • *Replace Fear With Security Confidence
  • *Risk Mitigation

REPULS Irritant Spray Cannisters and 3 REPULS Cannisters SentriPak provide effective defensive methods for Marine Safety. The REPULS Irritant Spray causes involuntary eye closure, stings the skin, and disrupts the perpetrator’s ability to focus enabling an effective restraint until marine law enforcement can arrive.

SentriZone for Marine Safety

Immobilize the Perpetrator Until Law Enforcement Arrives

REPULS is not OC or tear gas. Safe to use inside buildings, and in confined spaces such as boats and yachts.

Suite of Safety Solutions

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